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Internship with us

Paytronic Network Private Limited is eager to help Management and Engineering graduates secure relevant internship experiences. Interns can receive real – corporate, hands – on business and Technology experiences in one of India's leading electronic consumer payments network company.

Paytronic Internship Benefits

  • Training at Paytronic Network Pvt. Ltd. with industry experts.
  • First hand sales, marketing and finance experience in the following areas:
    • Sales increment.
    • Marketing promotion.
    • Inventory managment.
    • Finance management, etc.
  • Prospect to get an insight into implementation of new technology.
  • Chance to earn valuable experience from a startup electronic payments company with international business.


All interns begin their internship at Paytronic with extensive training to attain knowledge about Paytronic's business philosophy, operations and services. After that Paytronic interns meet and receive training from company executives and management people. The Internship program provides technology, business and marketing knowledge and experience. This experience will be an extremely credible addition to your Curriculum Vitae.

Want to Learn More ?

Complete company information is available on this website. If you want to earn some more information about the internship and wish to apply for the same then please write to us on

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